We are Phil and Kate Tonnessen. We have two sons, Eric and James, two dogs, and we like to camp, as in, we like to breathe.

For 20 years we had been living in sunny southwest Florida and camping in Florida and Georgia. The summer of 2005, we embarked upon a 5 week camping odyssey across America. Upon returning to Florida, it became apparent that, while the boys were bit by mosquitoes, we, the parents, were bitten by the camping bug! In an effort to find a more geographyically located base camp, we stumbled upon Cheat Canyon Campground.

In March 2006, without a second thought, we pulled up stakes, "sold the farm", and made this campground our new home. The rest, as they say, is history. The kids think we are crazy, of that we have no doubt.

Cheat Canyon Campground Office